Modern day cinema has certainly entered a new Phase with the help of latest technology and tools. This includes latest VFX tools and 3D models which are based on very high graphics.

There are many latest movies and shows which are going to be released this year and the fans can’t help but wait for them to come forward. However the Star Wars celebration panel Had a lot more to offer which made the fans too excited.


It’s really a good time to be a star wars fan these days as the new entries in the franchise are going to be awesome. The mandalorian season 3 and Ahsoka teaser are released which the article is about.

Ahsoka is all set to release in 2023 but the fans already can’t wait because of its much created hype by the franchise. There are characters introduced which are from the past shows.


The fans can’t wait to see their favourite characters once again on the screen of the cinema. Ahsoka is all about jedi’s adventures following the events of the mandalorians and the book of Boba fett.

Baby Yoda will also feature in the upcoming release and the are the reason of the mutch created hype. We will provide you the original trailer at the end of this article so you don’t have to search further.


The teaser is only 45 seconds and there is not much to see but still there is enough stuff to get the fans excited. This was the first look of the Ahsoka and fans gathered in large amount to see its first look and impression.

The teaser featured a few scenes of the landscapes and the temples and the famous ship called “ghost” from the Star Wars: Rebels. There was also included a shot of the captain of the ship who remains a huge fan favourite and that was pretty obvious by the amount of cheers received when she appeared on the screen.

The teaser featured no dialogues whatsoever but only the scenes were enough to create a lot of hype among the fans.


If you really adore the mandalorian timeline it’s really a good time to be a Star Wars fan for you. It seems that the combination of the mandalorian season timeline Ahsoka and the book of Boba fett will create a very good Masterpiece.

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