TDott Woo death video explained:

Brooklyn rapper 22-year-old was shot and killed, TDott Woo’s fight video is viral on social media. TDott was shot and killed infront of his home, just hours after he signed a new record.

TDott has since been focusing on his career until his death on February 1, 2022. His fight video with Dafi Woo is also trending on social media.

Image source via Twitter.

TDott recently fought with a fellow rapper, Dafi Woo. Dafi Woo, who is currently serving a prison sentence and why he is in jail. It is unkown to us.

The main cause of fight between the two muscians is not known to us . Sources tell , it was a gang conflict because of which this quarrel happened and then a fight.
In the video, one can see TDott Woo and Dafi Woo fighting seriously.According to sources they both were arrested and after that they were released later.

We will update anything connected to this as soon as we obtain more information.

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