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Shashl Leaked Video Explained:

Obadiah Moyo’s Daughter Shashl And Levels.

Zimbabwe Rnb singer Shashl has opened up after her bedroom tape with Zimdancehall Dj Levels was leaked on social media.

Speaking out after the video leaked, Shashl, daughter of former Health Minister, Obadiah Moyo, has accused Levels of leaking their bedroom tape as revenge. She says that Levels leaked the s*xtape because she told him that she doesn’t want to be with him anymore.

The Ghetto Buddies hitmaker explained that this is not the first time, Levels has leaked their private pictures. She claims he once leaked a video of them kissing after she wanted to break up with him sometime this year.

Shashl revealed that Levels has been physically and verbally abusing her.

She said that Levels would beat her up or shout at her if she doesn’t pick up his calls. Shashl revealed that at one time she was left with bruises after Levels assaulted her.

Levels Leaked Pictures:

Meanwhile, earlier today Levels issued an apology on social media after his bedroom picture was leaked.

Levels Bedroom Mirror Selfie.

In the picture circulating on social media, Levels can be seen standing stark n@ked in front of a mirror while holding his phone capturing the reflection.

In his apology, Levels explained that his picture was le@ked by a person who stole his phone at a local joint.

Who’s Shashl ?

Shashl is a Zimbabwean music artist. She is the first Zimbabwean female musician to be signed under Universal Music Africa.

Born Ashleigh Moyo, Shashl was born in Harare Zimbabwe. She is the daughter of former Zimbabwe Health minister Obadiah Moyo.

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