The tragic and devastating story of Shanquella Robinson is filled with so many questions, but they can all be answered with one word–Justice. 

New video of Shanquella Robinson laughing and joking with her friends hours before her death has surfaced online.

Robinson, 25, was part of a group that traveled from Charlotte to Cabo on October 28 and rented out a villa to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

She was found dead the next day, when her friends told her mother she had died of alcohol poisoning.

It later emerged she had suffered a broken neck and a leaked video showed Robinson had been attacked while naked in her bedroom.

Robinson’s friends blamed the death on alcohol poisoning

Robinson’s friends called her mother, Salamondra Robinson, and informed her that something had happened to her daughter.

“They said she wasn’t feeling well. She had alcohol poisoning,” Salamondra Robinson.

“They couldn’t get a pulse. Each one of the people that was there with her was telling different stories.”

But an autopsy later revealed that Robinson’s spine was cracked and she had a broken neck. The group of friends traveled back to the US, while Robinson’s body was held there for about two weeks. 

Robinson’s father, Bernard Robinson, confirmed that his daughter is the woman being attacked in the 18-second video that has gone viral. 

In the video, a person could be heard saying, “Quella, can you at least fight back?” The video set social media ablaze this week, with thousands calling for justice for the Robinson family. Even celebrities weighed in.

Police Report

Information from a police report says Shanquella Robinson was alive when medical help first arrived at the vacation home where she was staying with a group of people last month in Cabo, Mexico.

The report differs from details previously reported from 25-year-old Robinson’s death certificate that said she died within 15 minutes of being injured.

Instead, a police report excerpt shows a doctor from a local hospital was with Robinson and others in the house for close to three hours before she was pronounced dead.

Fan’s Comments over Shanquella Robinson death:

‘In my opinion … Those girls and guys purposely took #shanquilarobinson out of the country so no one could defend her ..

They played games with her watched how she reacted to certain things and struck when she was at her weakest.. they beat her to death and then robbed her,’ said one person.

‘I heard that they took over 10k from her @CashApp and stole her credit cards. Shanquella Robinson also had a boyfriend before her murder.

Perhaps if he had gone with her on that vacation to Cabo, Mexico he could have saved her life. I hope justice will be swiftly served,’ wrote another person.

‘Before this whole shanquilarobinson situation happened I been knew that everybody ain’t yo friend & that you can’t trust NONE of these hoes fr this why I been staying to myself cause bitches do not be your friends fr‼️‼️,’ another said.

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