Who is Santi Millan?

Santi Millan is a Spanish actor, TV show presenter and a famous celebrity. He is 53 years old and was born in Barcelona, Spain. Guy is a very well-known television presenter in Spain and has a lot of Fanbase in the country.

Santi Millan Twitter Video:

Santi Millan became an internet hot topic all of a sudden after an unknown user on Twitter posted a short clip featuring a guy similar in features to Santi Millan.

Even though the video was taken down by the user immediately but that didn’t stop the netizens from saving it quickly and later sharing it online to make it viral.

The video caught the attention of internet immediately and people started to search for it in a hurry. However, the video wasn’t easy to find anymore. As a result the clip is now like a previous gold for which people would pay anything to watch.

Santi Millan’s video is the most searched and most viral topic on the search engines right now as well as the well known social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

Santi Millan leaked video explained:

Now let’s talk about the details of the leaked video. The video is shot by a cell phone camera and contains the mirror footage of a guy who is holding the smart phone.

Besides him is a lovely girl making love with the guy. The man in the video resembles Santi Millan while the female seems to be Marita Alonso. The clip is hardly 45 seconds long but was enough to put the internet on fire.

Santi Millan and Marita Alonso are in relationship?

Soon after the video got leaked, people have started making many assumptions as a result. A lot are saying that Santi Millan and the potential female in the viral video Marita Alonso are in a relationship.

However, this seems unlikely from the track record and history of both as so far there has been no sign of intimacy or relationship between the two celebrities.

While some people are even denying the presence of Santi Millan and Marita Alonso in the video thinking that the internet mistook them for someone else, the two people look very much alike Santi Millan and Marita Alonso.

Fans have started sharing Marita Alonso’s blonde hair photos too after the viral video came on seen as the girl in the video has blonde hair.

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