Millán finally spoke about what happened, through the ABC newspaper: “I do not intend to make any comment. I do not want say how things should be approached, but the news here is that a crime has been committed”.

“I do not understand laws or others, so I am not going to comment,” stressed the Catalan, so it would not be strange for him to report what happened to the Justice.

Santi Millán has been a Trending Topic on Twitter for hours after a video of him having s€x with a bl0nde girl who is not his wife was leaked.

This Sunday a video has been leaked in which the Santi Millán can be seen having se*ual relations with a woman who apparently is not his wife.

The video has been shared on various social networks and has quickly become a trending topic. The origin of the leak is unknown or if the actor has been the victim of a hack.

The leaking of a video of an intimate nature can constitute a crime since the Penal Code establishes prison sentences and economic fines for revealing secrets.

According to the national newspaper ABC:

The actor did not want to comment on the images and assured, “I do not want to say how things should be approached, but the news here is that a crime has been committed. I don’t understand laws or anything else, so I’m not going to comment,“.

Specifically, article 197.7 of the Penal Code establishes prison sentences of between three months and one year, or a fine of six to twelve months for all those who “without the authorization of the affected person, disseminate, reveal or transfer to third parties images or audiovisual recordings of that which would have been obtained with his consent in a home or in any other place out of the reach of the gaze of third parties, when the disclosure seriously undermines the personal privacy of that person”.

Said penalty, according to article 197.1, increases in the event that intimate images are obtained without the consent of the victim, up to four years in prison.

A threat that many on social networks seemed to forget since, unfortunately, they did not hesitate to spread the images.

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Santi millan Twitter Video full detail.

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