Do Tweek and Craig get together?

Despite the breakup of many other canon couples in the twentieth season, Craig and Tweek’s relationship has remained intact. In the Season 21 episode “Put It Down”, their relationship is revisited and developed further.

What episode does Craig and Tweek get together?

“Tweek x Craig” is the sixth episode of the nineteenth season and the 263rd overall episode of the animated television series South Park, written and directed by series co-creator Trey Parker.

Who is Craig’s ex boyfriend?

Early on in the game, Super Craig explicitly calls Wonder Tweek his ex-boyfriend and proudly states that he’s gay.

A later mission has the two making up and gaining a shared Ultimate for the rest of the game. The shared Ultimate itself is a combination Moment of Heartwarming and Awesome.

What episode does Craig break up with Tweek?

Season 19 E 6 • 10/28/2015. At school, Tweek and Craig have an unexpectedly emotional break up.

Are Tweek and Craig married in the future?

During the SOUTH PARK POST COVID special, Tweek and Craig are seen together from start to end. This implies that even forty years in the future, they’re still together.

What is Tweeks real name?

Gavin Dempsey (born April 11, 1998), also known as Tweek, is an American professional Super Smash Bros. player. Tweek won three major Super Smash Bros.

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