The rapper Bfg straap was murdered recently. Find all the information regarding his death including the cause of death, details of the incident, his musical career and net worth here.

Bfg Straap Death Video:

After the demise of Bfg straap who was a famous rapper, the video of police officers surrounding his blo0dy dead body has gone viral on social media and the internet. We are going to share the original video with you too.

Bfg Straap Murder Explained:

The rapper Bfg straap was murdered and k!lled in a sh0oting incident. The sho0ting took place on Casey Street near Malcolm X Boulevard on Thursday.

Bfg straap wasn’t the only victim however. The second victim is identified as a 26-year-old man named Cory Medina Lucien. He d!ed on the spot after getting sh0t.

However, Bfg straap kept fighting with death for some time. He was badly w0unded and was drawing his last few breathes before he finally passed out.

The police is still looking for suspects and has made no arrests as of now. Brf’s manager took to Instagram to express his grief.

“My heart in a million pieces right now!” She said. “If I don’t respond y’all know that’s not like me but I will tho I’m just hurting too bad right now.”

Bfg Straap’s Music Career:

Bfg released his famous album called strap a maniac in July 2019. His most recent album was 11:11 which only just came out less than s month ago.

He was quite famous too with about 10,000 YouTube subscribers and about 17,400 monthly listeners on Spotify.

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