Janina Youssefian insulted Linda Nobat with a racist comment. RTL does not tolerate such behavior and has therefore decided that Janina is no longer allowed to take part in the current #IBES season.

Janina Youssefian (39) shows remorse. The model moved into this year’s jungle camp alongside other celebrities, however, the beauty did not get along well with all the other candidates on site. The reality TV actress clashed with another participant in particular: Linda-Caroline Nobat (27). In the last episode, the situation escalated completely: Janina insulted Linda with a racist comment. ​​she was then expelled from the camp. After being kicked out, she took a stand.

“I would like to apologize publicly for my statements. I am sincerely sorry that I slipped so linguistically in the jungle camp. My behavior and my statements to Linda cannot be excused,” she began her statement on Instagram.

Nevertheless, she believes that everyone deserves a second chance – her statement would in no way reflect her ideas. “I have an immigrant background myself and I want to say again that I distance myself from racism and do not tolerate it. I have experienced racism myself,” she continued.

Janina apparently also believes that she is not solely to blame – Linda also behaved incorrectly. After all, she also insulted the 39-year-old. “It would have been right to take us both out,” she thought.

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