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Pretty pink Cocaine a.k.a. Ppcocaine is one of the most popular TikTok stars who is famous for her TikTok songs. She is a famous American rapper and singer who has gained mainstream recognition for her songs and music. This teenage star is also popular for her badass looks and hair color.

Pretty Pink Cocaine is 19 years old. Born in Santa Monica, California in the year 2001, the famous rapper and vocalist is nineteen years old as of July 2020. Details about her birthday and birth month are not revealed yet.

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Ppcocaine’s birth name is Lilliane Diome. Ppcocaine is the stage name of Lilliane Diomi a.k.a Lily Diomi. Besides that, she is popularly known by other names like Pink cocaine, and ​pretty pink cocaine.

She started her musical career in June 2020. Ppcocaine has gained so much popularity in TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube. However, she had just started her musical career in June 2020 with her famous song “DDLG”.

Her other songs that got famous thanks to TikTok are “PJ- Did you hear what I said Shake”, “For that Cash”, “That Bitch”, “Catching feels”, and much more. Within just a month, Ppcocaine has become a star in the music industry.

  • Her TikTok account was deleted.
  • Her real Instagram account is “@ppcocaine”.
  • She used to dye her hair pink since childhood.
  • Her family is still not revealed.
  • Ppcocaine’s Boyfriend is a mystery.
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