In the footage, Sanna Marin and friends including celebrities are seen dancing and singing.

After criticism in connection with a private party, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said she carried out a drug test.

The result is expected in about a week. “I’ve never taken drugs in my life,” Marin told journalists on Friday. “I really wish people wouldn’t claim these things without evidence.”

A video was released on Thursday showing the head of government celebrating, dancing and singing with friends. Some Finnish journalists claim to have heard statements about drugs in the video.

Marin said she drank alcohol that night but was unaware that drugs were being used. “I haven’t done anything illegal,” she said.

The video sparked a discussion in Finland – especially on social media – about the Prime Minister’s public appearances.

It is also about the question of whether the Prime Minister should have had a representative during the party a few weeks ago.

Shortly before, Marin said she had returned early from her vacation for an appointment. Therefore, according to the Finnish government, no representation was planned on the day in question.

Marin emphasized that she had no foreseeable appointments that weekend and was also available during the party.

Meetings are not convened in the middle of the night,” said the social democrat on Friday. If it had been necessary, she could have left the party and worked at any time.

Many of her compatriots reacted calmly to the behavior of their prime minister. “The prime minister is allowed to get drunk,” Elli Kojola from the Finnish city of Tampere told radio station Yle. “But she also has to be careful how she presents herself.

Someone always sees you.” Marin said Friday she’s had “a lot of encouraging messages” from people.

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