After an exhausting one-month break, the One Piece manga series is finally set to return this weekend with the release of chapter 1054 worldwide.

However, global hype for the manga’s resumption has just reached an enormous level as the detailed spoilers for the new chapter have just been released online.

So, here is everything you need to know about the leaked spoilers for One Piece chapter 1054, which teases the introduction of an incredibly powerful new Flame Emperor.

The detailed spoilers for One Piece chapter 1054 have been shared on social media by the popular and typically-reputable OPspoiler Twitter page.

According to the post, chapter 1054 will be titled “Flame Emperor”, opening in the Flower Capital where Kinemon and the Red Scabbards notice that someone is approaching the city.

The stranger is Ryokugyuu, narrating to himself that “the ability to influence others is something quite difficult to achieve” as Raizou, Shinobu, Inuarashi, Denjirou, Nekomamushi and Kawamatsu appear in front of him.

Ryokugyuu warns them not to get in his way as he is from the Marines, he then begins to berate the group in front of him for not knowing anything about the world outside this nation.

He places his hands on the ground as different types of plants grow through the cracks and start to attack the group. Ryokugyuu says that he is a user of the ‘Mori Mori no Mi’ power, known as a Forest Man, as he transforms himself into a giant tree who starts to club the group with enormous branches.

Yamato suddenly appears behind Ryokugyuu and knocks him to the ground, stating how what he has just said is unforgivable and that she will not allow it. Momonosuke also appears in Dragon form and tries to use Bolo Breath – but he is unable to use the attack.

Surprised at this, Momonosuke decides to bite Ryokugyuu and fly him away from the city, but Ryokugyuu wraps his tree branches around the Dragon – Momonosuke screams to Yamato not to get involved.

Cut to the sea near Wanokuni, where Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates are trying to see Luffy and the Straw Hats crew. Shanks has a flashback to when they chased a Marine warship and meeting Who’s Who, then to another flashback when Shanks sacrifice his arm to save Luffy back in Foosha. Shanks then says that he doesn’t want to see Luffy and that instead, they should focus on Barto who is currently burning their flags back in territory held by the Red Hair Pirates.

Cut to the Navy Headquarters, where a meeting is taking place between Akainu, Kizaru and an unknown Marine. They discuss how a man called Sabo, the Flame Emperor, is now a hero and that they murdered King Nefertari Cobra of the Arabasta Kingdom.  

The unknown marine is then introduced as Kurouma, aka the Black Horse, who is the Head of the Marine Criminal Investigation Service. He says that this Sabo may be the one pulling the strings behind other crimes, including several high-profile kidnappings.

They discuss how Sabo is now one of the most popular people in the entire world and that “right at this very moment, his little brother Straw Hat Luffy becomes of the Yonkou…”

The chapter ends with an image of Sabo, as an announcer speaks to a crowd of cheering people, with Akainu in a nearby office stating that he has now become Fleet Admiral and that he “will finish them all!”


Yes, there is thankfully a new episode of the One Piece anime adaptation set to premiere this weekend.

Titled “The Supernovas Strike Back! The Mission to Tear Apart the Emperors”, episode 1026 will release via Crunchyroll from the following times on Sunday, July 24th for the majority of international fans:

Pacific Time – 7 PM

Eastern Time – 10 PM

British Time – 3 AM

European Time – 4 AM

India Time – 7:30 AM

Philippine Time – 10 AM

Australia Time – 11:30 AM

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