What is CCTV?

Closed Circuit TV Surveillance Systems, also known as, CCTV, are an integral part of your overall security and fire protection systems. It is used to show real time data as well recorded this data for further future use. Sometimes these videos are used to build strong cases and solve street crimes and others.


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Video systems such as Ring doorbells help officers and investigators build stronger cases, solve crimes such as vandalism or theft by capturing suspects on video, and identifying them easily.

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(Video surveillance) has made things a lot easier. It’s a key piece of evidence. It’s hard to say you didn’t (commit a crime) when you’re on video doing it. You’re caught red-handed without anybody seeing you do it.

CCTV surveillance.

Resolutions of CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras can typically give resolutions up to 1080p/4MP/5MP/4K. CCTV camera systems designed to record audio in conjunction with images Your CCTV system is fully capable of recording sound. Most cameras are either equipped with microphones or have an input for an external mic. For commercial cameras, it is typically the latter. Many CCTV microphones can record quality audio up to six meters away.


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