Antonio Brown is a former NFL player who is very famous for his sporting career. The four time All-Pro receiver was last seen playing professionally in 2018 and since then he has spend most of his time away from the sport.

However he is trending right now on social media and search engines. And unfortunately not for so good reason. The former NFL star is caught in a s*xual controversy and is being criticized by whole community for his latest actions. See details and the original video below.

Antonio Brown Pool Video:

Antonio Brown was recently enjoying his time in Dubai which is obviously not a bad thing to do at all. But he was caught on camera doing a very inappropriate action at a hotel in Dubai. The video has gone viral since then and if you’re looking for it you’re just at the right place.

Antonio Brown Pool Video Explained:

In this video, Antonio can be seen enjoying himself in a hotel swimming pool. A lady is also spending her time right infront of him. All of a sudden, Antonio starts to shove his bare buttocks right in the face of that lady.

The incident took place in Armani Hotel of Dubai. The woman seem to laugh it off at first but Antonio crosses the line this time and started to flash his pr!vate part in her face. This really upsetted the lady and she angrily walked away from the scene.

Reportedly, the lady complained about Antonio’s s€xual gestures to the hotel management after which he was asked to leave.

The hotel administration had also received complains of Antonio smoking Marijuana in his room. If this is true he has also violated the laws of United Arab Emirates.

NFL Community Reacts to Antonio Brown Pool Video:

The NFL community hasn’t taken this action of the retired player too kindly. And they’re strongly criticizing Brown in different tones.

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