Ned Fulmer Cheating:

Ned Fulmer from ” The Try Guys ” has been caught under hot waters after he got caught in a very serious sc@ndal.

Ned Fulmer also known as ” The Try Guy ” has been known for always boasting about how much he loves his wife. However, things took a different turn when his pr!vate video got le@ked on Reddit.

Ned Fulmer Twitter Video:

Ned Fulmer was caught cheating on his wife Ariel Fulmer with one of his employees in this leaked video.

His employee who’s name is Alexandria Herring can be seen making l0ve and doing !ntimacy with Ned Fulmer in the le@ked vide clip.

How The S€x Video Got Leaked?

A user on Reddit first claimed to have shot a video of Ned and Akex making out in a club in NYC. This user sent this video to another user who then sent the video to Ned’s wife.

Surprisingly, Alex’s fiance brought all this stuff forward. In the below Twitter thread and comments, you can find the details of whole scenerio.

It is also worth noticing that many fans thought something fishy was going on between the couple after Ned didn’t feature in the latest YouTube videos and prodcasts of ” The Try Guys ” recently since September.

We are going to provide more updates real soon. So stay tuned.

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