A video is trending on twitter of a famous social media activist Michael Mendieta beating a girl brutally. He can be seen jumping on the lady and then beating her cruelly on the road.

Since this incident took place on road, people are questioning why public didn’t come to rescue. There are also allegation on Mendieta’s friends that they stood there watching the whole incident unfolding before their eyes but did nothing to stop it.

Who is Michael Mendieta?

Michael Mendieta’s personal details are still a mystery. For example his age, profession, education background etc is not known to public yet.

An untrusted source however claims he is a 19 years old TikToker who is very famous on the social media platform and he has a massive fan following on TikTok. He has a total of 367K followers on TikTok and 20M likes.

 Fans are very angry at Michael Mandieta for this act and at the moment they are storming his page criticizing him severely.

He is facing a backlash at the moment from netizens after his name came into heat by a viral leaked video of him mercilessly assaulting a female on road. The video was however posted by a Twitter profile named 520miguel_.

Who is 520miguel_ on Twitter?

Personal details of the main behind this Twitter profile are also unknown up until now. He wasn’t very famous on Twitter neither did he have a fan following.

He merely has 29 followers but all of a sudden every Twitter user seems to search his profile for the viral video of Michael Mandieta. The viral video was first posted by this profile.

Why Mandieta beat that girl?

There has been no explanation or reason revealed so far to the public for why Mandieta committed this horrendous act.

Girl is reported to have some serious injuries on her face and she is under treatment.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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