Recently, a video featuring Overtime Megan, also known as Megan Eugenio, has been circulating on Twitter and other social media platforms.

This video, referred to as the “Overtime Megan Leaked Head Video,” has become a viral trend, with many users sharing and discussing it online.

Overtime Megan Eugenio Video Explained:

TikTok star Overtime Megan claims she was not me in bed with Antonio Brown.

Megan Eugenio, a popular TikTok user also known as “Overtime Megan,” appeared to deny being seen getting close to free agency wide receiver Antonio Brown on her Instagram Story.

A picture of Brown that he allegedly uploaded to his Snapchat account looked to show him cuddling up to an unidentified woman.

Despite growing rumours that she was photographed with Brown, Eugenio chose not to elaborate on the situation.Brown has not spoken publicly to the incident, and the post is no longer visible on his Snapchat story.

Who’s Megan Eugenio?

Megan Eugenio is an American TikTok star, Instagram influencer, and online personality who rose to fame in 2019. She has gained recognition for her TikTok content, which includes lip-syncing and dance videos.

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