An accident news has struck the world with great grief and sorrow as a Ukrainian based skydiver Maxim Slobodian passed away in a diving accident.

Maxim Slobodian was a great man who was loved worldwide by skydiving enthusiasts. He was an ambitious character whose goal was to become a world famous athlete since childhood.

The tragic accident occurred after the skydiver failed to open his parachute while he was diving. Keep reading the article for more details about his death and biography.

Maxim slobodian skydiving accident explained:

Maxim Slobodian, a well known skydiver perished in an uncontrollable event when his parachute failed to open. The tragedy occurred on July 17, 2022 in Hendry County, Switzerland.

Although the early information is only limited to that it was parachute malfunction, the rest of the information is yet to be revealed to public. It would probably be done after a thorough investigation is carried out by experts.

Greg Flowers has said that the fellow skydivers have described the incident as “line twisting” and being unable to open.

Who was Maxim Slobodian?

Maxim Slobodian was a renowned and respected skydiver who competed professionally. He was very successful during his time in the profession.

He had been doing it professionally since 10 years and had made a name out of the profession globally. His hometown was Los Angeles, United States.

He was very famous among fans too and had a overwhelming community of fans behind his back. He was even very active on social media.

He had over 250 thousand fans on TikTok and significant followers on other social media platforms as well.

Public’s reaction over Maxim Slobodian’s demise:

People have taken great grief over the passing of Ukrainian based skydiver. People have been writing heartfelt messages on social media for him and his family.

His former colleagues have expressed condolence and great sorrow. An Israeli photographer who covered his skydives from Helicopter in past has expressed his feelings too.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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