Mason Greenwood’s Girlfriend Harriet Robson Accuses Footballer of Physical Violence. Mason Greenwood’s girlfriend Harriet Robson blamed the footballer for beating her up. Harriet Robsontook to social media and posted snapshots and videos of the bruises on Instagram.

Who’s Harriet Robson?

Harriet Robson is a model and social media influencer. Harriet was born on Wisbey. she is dating a professional footballer Manson Greenwood.

Although, Harriet Robson has almost 254 thousands followers on Instagram. Now she has no photos or videos on her Instagram account, nor is there a story show.

Harriet Robson allegations against Manson Greenwood’s:

Image Source Twitter

Today Harriet Robson shared photos of her body on her Instagram account. There were many scars on her body. She said that my boyfriend had hit me hard.

Twitter users reaction against Mason Greenwood’s:

One Twitter user wrote, ” We stand with you Harriet Robson. No woman should ever have to be a victim of that disgusting behaviour”.

Other user wrote, “hope with all of my heart Harriet Robson gets all the help and support that she needs”.

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