Maricoppa High School Video Ass@ult Explained:

The Maricoppa high school video is trending right now on all major social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit and Facebook. People are searching for the video anxiously.

The reason is the shock which is delivered to the viewers when the watch it. It’s something very strange, h0rrific and b!zarre which isn’t supposed to happen in schools at all.

People are searching for the videos all over the internet but only few have been able to watch it. Because the video has been censored and is not easy to find for anyone online. But don’t worry , we 100% got you covered so keep reading.

A student Assaults his Classmate in Viral Maricoppa High School Video:

In the original video, a student can be seen standing. The video is shot from behind the student by someone so his back is facing towards the camera.

After a moment or two, he picks up a chair which is like a normal classroom chair and raises it above his he@d. It appears he is going to sm@sh the chair into someone or thr0w it somewhere.

Immediately, he faces towards another student which seems to be his classmate and smashes his he@d and upper back with the chair he was carrying.

The vict!m immediately goes down and he is seen sitting quietly on the ground after being hit with this powerful str!ke. He is not moving neither saying anything which is more worrying.

The culprit then picks up the same chair once again and raises it above his head into hitting position like he did before. But this time he is interrupted by the teacher.

“hey… put it down immediately”, the teacher tells him.

“tell him to move”, the attacker faces towards the teacher while still keeping the chair in attacking position.

“put the chair down now”, the teacher tells him once again.

“tell him to move” the culpr!t answers same while chuckling.

It is not clear in the video but it appears that another student came forward and took the chair from him and took it away from the scene recorded in the camera.

Even though a few students laughed before he h!t him but once the impact happened everyone was shocked and stepped back. Perhaps they weren’t expecting something serious before.

The reports say that the culpr!t student has been charged with aggravated assault charges. There has been no official statement from Maricoppa school administration so far regarding the incident.

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