A tourist who was on vacation with his family in MajorcaSpain tragically died after jumping off a cliff.

Tourist dies falling off a cliff in the Malgrat Islands, after he hit the rocks just before falling into the sea.

A father vacationing with his family in Spain leaped to his de@th in a cliff-jumping stunt gone wrong, shocking video shows.

The harrowing footage captured from a nearby boat where the man’s wife and son were filming, shows the 31-year-old Dutch tourist ready to make the 100-foot plunge Thursday in the Malgrats Islands.

The ill-fated daredevil took the plunge off the majestic cliff, but seemingly realized his leap wasn’t going to clear the sharp, jagged rocks below that he viciously clipped before crashing into the water while letting out a terrifying scream.

“Oh my God!” the man’s wife shouted as the short, chilling clip ends.

The man had hired a boat for his wife to film the stunt.

A rescue boat, helicopter, and divers from Guardia Civil searched for the body in the water, and he was later located. 

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