A new case has been a headline of electronic and print media for few days. The case however is quiet tragic and disturbing. That of course of murder of Laurie Tagaloa in Brisbane food court.

Few days ago, an incident got viral and became an attention of internet and social media and upto this day it’s getting more and more attention as more people are getting to know about it.


The horrific incident happened after a confrontation between two groups that led to violence.

Laurie Tagaloa Murder:

The CCTV camera footage shows a hot discussion and argument between two groups. The voices were raised from both ends and eventually ended with a man from one group stabbing a person from the other one.


Laurie Tagaloa was seen laying on the ground at the end and the people near them had blood on them.

“Police were observing the Brisbane City Council CCTV system when they observed a disturbance taking place in the public.”


Inspector Sean Cryer said in the publication statement.

“On closer examination, they saw a male person lying on the ground and persons nearby had blood on them.”

The Queensland’s cop added.


Three men fled the scene after that and a person nearby tried to deliver first aid to the fallen person, but all in vein as he passed away from the injuries.

The deceased turned out to be Laurie Tagaloa later and the case became one of the top trends on both the print and social media as well as electronic media.

Man charged with Laurie Tagaloa’s murder:

Recently, a new development has been made in the case after much anticipation. A 20-year old male has been arrested and charged with the murder of Laurie Tagaloa. The man’s name is “Seyram Kwami Djentuh” and he is reportedly from Birkdale.

It has also been revealed that Seyram was summoned in Brisbane’s magistrate court on Tuesday morning, but he failed to make his appearance in the court.

The arrest was made after he failed to appear in the court. However, there are two other males of 20 and 21 who’re also under investigation but are yet to be charged.

Watch Also: Brisbane stabbing full video.

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