Happiness is a human quest for as long as we can remember and happiness of human is determined by many factors like genetics, human thinking behavior as well as human’s life style. Positive psychology has taken this concept into the state of scientific research wishing to attain some better understanding of global well-being and meaningful living. Happiness is often described as involving positive emotions and life satisfaction. 

Positive psychology latest research suggests that potential happiness of a person is determined by:

Genetics (Genes & heredity) 50%

Human’s Intentional activeness that includes thinking pattern of a person as well as behavioral choices: 40%

Some other prospects including sex, race, income and education contributes only 10% to potential happiness of human.

Whether on a global or an individual level, the pursuit of happiness is one that is gaining traction and scientific recognition. 

15 interesting Facts about happiness:

  1. Human happiness is directly liked to reduce blood pressure and a healthier heart rate variability.
  2. Happier people enjoy greater protection against stress. Happier people release less of stress hormone cortisol.
  3. Happiness acts as protective barrier against disease and disability. Happiest people experience less aches & pains including heartburn and muscle strain.
  4. Happiness boost human’s immune system which automatically helps us to fight against different illnesses.
  5. Happiness turn aside common cold.
  6. Happy people have the natural ability to make other happier also & vice versa.
  7. Those who are paid by hours are more happier than those on salary.
  8. Smelling flower scents like rose, jasmine makes a person mood fresh and happier.
  9. Its a common fact that happier people wear bright colors. Hence, bright colors are linked as mood changer.
  10. Relationships impact much more on happiness than money.
  11. Going outdoors- especially near water and Greenery can make us happier.
  12. The holidays can be a stressful time, even for the happiest among us – an estimated 44% of women and 31% of men get the “holiday blues.”
  13. Happiness is contagious! When we spend time around happy people, we’re likely to get a boost of happiness as well (Florentine, 2016; Newman, 2015).
  14. A new analysis of decades of research shows that when we are kind to others, we are healthier and happier.
  15. Happiness and job performance are related—and the relationship likely works in both directions (e.g., happy people do a better job and people who do a good job are more likely to be happy).

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