Kuaron Harvey and Paris Harvey trending on social media. Two young cousins were live on Instagram around 2 a.m. A Missouri girl accidentally shot her cousin and then killed herself during birthday party in downtown St. Louis.


We will discuss about who is and live shooting video on Instagram?

 Paris Harvey, playing with a gun, accidently shot her cousin, Kuaron Harvey, 14, before shooting herself on Instagram.
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Who is Ksbg.Paris?

Paris Harvey is a 14 year old girl.In the Louis family birthday party, Paris Harvey shot her cousin named Kuaron who then died while streaming live on Instagram. live shooting video on Instagram?

A 14 year-old Paris Harvey killed her 12 year-old cousin live on Instagram video goes viral on the internet. According to source, Paris Harvey and Kuaron were filming a video together in a bathroom during a party, while playing with the gun. Paris Harvey shot her cousin and then killed herself. Both of the children were fatally shot in the head.

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