Julie Hommen is currently viral on twitter. The username @julien_hommen has shared private video on twitter. Here, We will discuss about who is julien Hommen and why is trending on social media.

Screenshot of image from twitter
image via Twitter

Who is julien Hommen?


Julien Hommen is a Twitter user. He has posted 707 tweets on his twitter account. He made a twitter account in January 2022. He has been 575 followers on Twitter.

Image via Twitter
Image source twitter

Julie Hommen video explained


One week ago, Julien Hommen has posted a video on twitter and the video has cross over 228K views on Twitter. Now, julie Hommen is trending on Twitter.

Twitter users reacted on Julien Hommen


one user wrote “La video de @julien_hommen qui passe (floute) en guise de defi sur la chaine d’un youtubeur americain a 24 million d’abonne 💀.“

second person wrote “@julien_hommen mon reuf ta cru t couille c un chantier travaillé par des portugais ou ????.”

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