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The Waka Sabadell nightclub has been involved in countless controversies.

This time, some users have shared on the social network what is allegedly a se*ually expl!cit scene between two clients recorded in the middle of the road.

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Someone has captured the video from Waka Sabadell nightclub and shared it on Social media. In video, we have seen clearly NSFW content.

What happened at Waka Sabadell Nightclub:

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After getting some authentic information, we got to know two drunk boys harassed 16 years old young girl and did wrong with her. Parents of the young girl seeking for justice, they said our girl is innocent.

She went to the Waka Sabadell nightclub with friends and after the party, drunken boys grabbed the young girl and brutalized her.

Twitter User’s Reaction over Waka Sabadell Nightclub:

Netizens are searching to see the complete video but they are not succeeding to watch full video.

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