YouTuber called Twitch racist.

Streamer and YouTuber JiDion called Twitch “racist” after the platform only banned a streamer for seven days after streaming s€xual content, pointing to his permanent ban for what he sees as a far lesser offense.

The streaming community witnessed a rather unusual occurrence after Twitch banned a streamer for seven days for seemingly having interc0urse live on stream.

After the news went viral on Twitter, YouTube content creator Jidon “JiDion” expressed his frustration at the Amazon-owned livestreaming platform and resorted to calling them “racist.”

JiDion was dissatisfied with the Twitch streamer’s week-long suspension, and discussed how he has been permanently barred from streaming on the platform.

Twitter community reacts to JiDion calling out Twitch for another streamer’s questionable ban duration:

The former Twitch streamer’s most recent tweet received a significant amount of attention as it gained more than 40k likes and over 1,200 followers responded to the update.

He tagged Twitch support in the conversation thread and asked them:

Fortnite personality Clix had the following to say:

Fans took the opportunity to call out the livestreaming platform:

A number of supporters began posting a hashtag in support of JiDion:

Esports personality and co-founder of Full Squad Gaming, Jake “JakeSucky” Lucky shared the YouTuber’s sentiments on his Twitter handle earlier today, and said:

Here are some relevant fan reactions from Jake Lucky’s conversation thread:

Why was JiDion permanently banned from Twitch?

The saga began at the start of the year, when the YouTuber rallied his viewers for a hate brigade in fellow Twitch personality Imane “Pokimane’s” Twitch chat room.

After he instructed his viewers to spam the phrase “L + Ratio,” the livestreaming platform issued him a temporary, 14-day-long suspension.

The two-week ban was turned into a permanent suspension a few days later:

The controversy between the two creators began to fade when the YouTuber apologized to the Twitch sensation for his antics.

Since then, both have been on good terms and have also collaborated once together.

Come July 15, JiDion revealed that he got into a call with a Twitch representative to talk about his current status on the platform.

He tweeted that he would be “(n)ever coming back,” with Twitch explaining that JiDion will not be unbanned because he violated community guidelines by displaying “extreme harassment.”

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Stay tuned for more updates.

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