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Streamers Imane “Pokimane” Anys and “JiDion” have rocked the Internet after teaming up together on Twitter, yet JiDion has been banned from sending “hate speech” to Pokimane’s stream on Twitch.

A few weeks ago, tensions between Pokimane and Jidion escalated, sparking a heated dispute over two warnings and a ban on Twitch. Now, whoever is following their quarrel is sitting in shock as they are both seen in the same room with smiling faces.

Pokimane and JiDion settle their dispute and join together:

On February 3, YouTuber JiDion surprised his fans when he posted a picture on Twitter showing himself eating a burger with Twitch Streamer Pokimane.

However, Pokemon overcame the suspicion when she replied, “It’s bigger than black and white.” However, the two internet stars remained ambiguous due to being together.

Fans Suspicions:

Even though Jidion made clear earlier that he is “a chill guy” and “doesn’t like beef“, some fans are arguing that the whole quarrel thing in the past was a drama.

Nothing against the two superstars but in today’s world of social media, people are going to ridiculous lengths to achieve their goal of achieving publicity.

So the suspicion is not bad at their place. However, people are eagerly waiting to hear more from Pokimane and Jidion on the whole scenario and whether if they’re going to join the same streaming platform in near future.

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