A 17-year-old girl condemned the alleged attacker and spoke jokingly through a video.

Image source via Twitter

Ivana, a 17-year-old girl from Durango, dared to denounce on social media two young men who allegedly raped her while she was unconscious in a “between friends” meeting.


Ivana, with the help of her father, released the video in which she describes the incident, in addition to telling authorities that she had made no progress in the investigation, assuring her that since she was a former Government officials have children, so the investigation file must have been forgotten.

In a matter of hours, Ivanna’s complaint became viral on all digital platforms, in which the authorities are asked for justice and those responsible are found.


A few hours later, a video began to circulate, of no more than 5 seconds, in which one of the alleged aggressors appears, Javier N., in which with mocking comments, he expressed “he who owes nothing, fears nothing” .

It should be noted that the name of the young man also appeared on one of the ‘denouncement racks’ that were installed, a few days ago, in educational institutions so that women who had been victims of sexual harassment or abuse could anonymously denounce their aggressor, so that in the video, he puts the photo of the clothesline with his name and they just laugh.

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