Instagram Model Courtney Taylor Stabs boyfriend Christian Tobechukwu Obumseli to Death.

A 25-year-old movie star known as Courtney Taylor, was arrested by Miami police on Sunday night following reports of the murder of her 27-year-old boyfriend Christian Obumseli. Further sources claim that she killed him as a result of a brief argument that day.

The police after arresting her took her to a mental hospital to have a test run out to confirm if she was truly in her right senses.

The police confirmed they found the body of the boyfriend with a knife stabbed on his shoulder lying in a pool of blood.

Close friends and family of the deceased revealed they have witnessed the only fans star hit him multiple times without him retaliating and they doubt if Christian will ever put Courtney in a position where she would have to stab him to defend herself.

The Christian Obumseli family traveled from Houston, Texas to Miami. His brother, Jeffery Obumseli, said he is devastated by the news.

“My brother was so caring. My inspiration, an inspiration to others, funny, very bright. He had big dreams,”.

Image source Google.

As it stands now, Courtney has been released without charge and is back in the entertainment business for fans on her onlyfans account.

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