Recently, the trending trend on TikTok social media is regarding videos of octopus figures that are getting the attention of netizens.

The problem is that the octopus video is the same as the maggot video that was trending the other day.

Therefore, some of TikTok’s social users were curious and looked for the link to the trending octopus video.

TikTok itself as one of the social media applications used to upload videos and is often used by Indonesian citizens.

There are many Page and videos on TikTok that are captivating and make viewers love them.

Therefore, quite a lot of TikTok users then upload various videos with unique themes for other users to see.

On the other hand, the octopus as one of the marine animals that has a fairly unique character.

The octopus is part of the cephalopod, which is an animal whose feet are on the head. These animals make coral reefs in the ocean as their core community.

The octopus was found to have 8 arms (not tentacles) with a suction device shaped like concave circles on the arm that was used to move in the seabed and catch prey.

The most flexible body allows the octopus to insert itself into the narrowest rock crevices on the sea floor, especially when escaping from predatory fish.

Here’s the explanation.

Recently, there was a trending octopus video on TikTok. The video was uploaded by the owner of the account @adxxxxxxxxx8 on Wednesday, March 9, 2022.

As explored by, it can be seen in the video that the account user wrote a confession that made several TikTok netizens curious about the octopus video.

He made a confused confession about the video of the octopus entering something he didn’t say what it was.

“How did the octopus get in there,” said the account user.

The video about the octopus is trending on TikTok. It was found that until this article was circulated the video had appeared about 150 thousand times.

No doubt, from the trending video, some of the netizens asked about the trending octopus.

People Reaction after Watching Gurita Masuk Yang Viral Video:

Missed this, let alone,” complained one netizen.

Not great, not a girl,” said one netizen.

For the link, please,” said another citizen.

Of course you can’t get the octopus out, I’ve watched it,” explained another netizen.

“I’ve watched it, not a girl, but a boy,” said another netizen.

As explored, it turns out that the trending octopus video refers to a video of a man’s figure. The video, which has a duration of 60 seconds, actually shows an octopus entering the man’s vital organs.

Throughout the video of the road, the man can be seen just silently watching the octopus enter one of his organs. Therefore, there is no doubt that the video made some of the viewers mumble and were surprised by how an octopus can enter the human body.

That’s the info about the trending octopus video links on TikTok as summarized from various sources.

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