With the invent of social media, means of communication have been made very easy and so is the flow of information. While this is the huge advantage for users there are also some cons to it. Along with the positive and useful use, some people have been mishandling social media and using it’s power for malicious purposes. Some people use it to spread disinformation, spam and what not.

Tech giants like Twitter, Reddit and Facebook have been doing everything in their power to take down such content and make the internet a safe environment for everyone.

Who is Gore on Twitter?

A similar account has been making headlines on Twitter for a while now. The account is known for sharing highly sensitive and inappropriate videos on it’s profile. There are videos which contain suicide, murder, accident and all sorts of other disgusting things.

Almost every video on this profile is full of inappropriate content and hard to watch for a normal person but there have been few which made a stand on the internet and got seriously viral.

There were many people who reported the video to Twitter saying it was inappropriate to watch for the kids while at the same time there were audience who appreciated the profile for sharing the content which can’t be normally found anywhere. If you’re curious and want to watch that video we advice you viewer discretion.

Ghost rider mexicano gore video full detail:

Ghost Rider Mexicano Gore’s Twitter video is trending and it is getting viral on every social media platform in this video a bunch of people burning the face alive of a man and then they are shooting the video.

Video was named as Ghost Rider Mexicano Gore video and it is being said that Twitter removes this video because it was violating their policy. This whole incident was caught on camera and then it was being viral on the internet.

This is a horrible and disgusting video where the son was shot in front of his father and they made it go viral, after a while a drug cartel also caught him and did the exact same thing to him.

This news saddened everyone. In this video, the person was being caught on camera by a drug cartel and did the same thing as well.

The particular person was killed by a group of people, and then he made a video that this gangster used to kill people and everything, used to do was burn their faces alive, this video went viral on Reddit.

They burned his face and then shouted Ghost Rider in the video. This is a disgusting video and most people can’t handle it. The video was exactly 9.40 minutes long and gave everyone who saw the video goosebumps.

The person who was burn was screaming and crying and everyone feels bad for him for many users it was very hard to see it is a case of brutality.

Once again, we advice strict viewer discretion if you want to watch any of this stuff. We warn you that it’s not suitable for everyone and many  brave hearts can get shattered after watching those videos.

Who is the person behind @Gore?

The user has been on the Twitter for quite a while and his bio tells that he ran another account previously which was taken down by Twitter.

He has been sharing such videos using different profiles for a long time now but so far nobody could trace the person’s whereabouts running the account. His name, age, background or profession are totally unknown.

We are trying our best to gather further information on the profile so we advice you to follow our website for regular updates and finding about similar hot topics.

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