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3 people in custody for beheading brutality in Bağcılar!

This piece of shit executed and beheaded his own mother and threw her head out of their balcony. The gruesome video was too much to post. I’m literally shaking with anger and disgust how can one do this to their mother.

Three people were detained in Bağcılar, who took a video and shared on social media about the incident where Ali S. killed his mother, Hava S., with a knife and threw his head from the balcony into the street.

Murderly killing a woman who fed and raised you until this age, my God, what kind of brutality is this video, it made my blood run cold. This is the answer to the question of what drugs can make a person do.

The person in the photo cut off his mother’s head and threw it from the balcony. My blood literally froze. Do not watch the video uncensored, we shared it. I watched it uncensored. I didn’t watch censored. The event takes place after drugs.. Those who encourage drug use should take good care of this event…

Viral Video Istanbul Bağcılar Cuts 0ff His Mother’s Head. Link on Twitter and admin will give a link to download the whole video at the end of the review.

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