Frank ocean Instagram story:

An Instagram story by the famous singer and fan favorite Frank Ocean has the internet in goosebumps. Frank Ocean who is well known in America for his songs, is also working on a business. He has a luxury brand called Homer.

Fans were desperately waiting for an album to come out by Frank Ocean but instead he came up with something nobody was expecting or anticipating.

He came up with a unique marketing strategy to sell another luxurious item from his brand Homer. This time it was a d*ck ring.

Soon after the story was posted on INSTAGRAM, it caught the attention of public. People started to talk about it in massive numbers and as a result Frank became a top trend on social media platforms like Twitter.

People who watched the story wasted no time in telling about it to their friends and hence, a lot of people got curious about the new Instagram story of Frank Ocean so they rushed over to his Instagram to see it.

Frank Ocean Instagram Story Explained:

In his recent viral Instagram story, Frank Ocean posted his own n*de photo wearing a d!ck ring. It was a marketing strategy in order to sell his new product which is a c0ck ring.

Frank blurred his pr!vate area in the photo but it was enough to gain massive amount of attention from his fans.

What is Frank Ocean’s Homer new product?

The product is called H-Bone Ring with Stones. It is still available to buy on the brand’s official website.

The website gives it’s details as follows:

“18 karat yellow gold with an array of channel-set princess-cut diamonds and layers that express a pixelated bone or an H-motif, finished with a high polish”.

The ring is priced at $9.40 and comes in different sizes ranging between 6 and 12.

There is no doubt that his marketing strategy worked awesomely well and people talked about his product more than he probably hoped for.

Public’s reaction:

People made different sorts of comments on Frank Ocean’s new Instagram story. A lot of them were hilarious comments. Many memes also came on the scene on Frank Ocean after his viral Instagram story.

Stay Tuned for more latest information.

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