Fjori Perputhen Likja Viral Video:

Yesterday’s episode in “Përputhen” was a fierce battle between competitors.

The reason for this situation was an intimate video of one of the competitors, Fjori Likja, which appears almost n*ked.
One of the guys from the program, Melik Balkici, during the debate with Fjori mentioned the video, which aggravated the situation.


The competitor, Fjori Likja erupted in screams and insults at the competitor and got to her feet to shoot him.

The competitor told Fjori at the beginning of the debate, who got up and tried to approach him to hit him.


“The moment she mocks us, the moment she offends us behind her back, it is her right to return it that way. You through the portals, distribute intimate videos. “Are you coming to the show with this face?”, .

Fjori then clarified the truth of the video:

Fjori then clarified the truth of the video where she stressed that no one has the right to interfere in her private life.


Fjori Likja said,
“We all had a past here, we had boyfriends that we could send him photos or videos. It was my misfortune that that video was published. Someone, I do not know who… No one has the right to intrude on my privacy! A video of me circulates on portals. “It’s a very old video,”.

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