With the invention of internet, the world got so much faster than before. Previously people had to wait for hours for news billiton to get all the information and latest how know about their surroundings. However it’s not the case anymore.

Social media has now enabled people to transfer tons of information in another corner of the world in a matter of seconds.


So it’s very hard for celebrities infact for everyone to to keep their privacy. While the technology comes with it’s pros, it also has some cons.

A new viral video has been making headlines on Twitter and other social media platforms. This time it’s not something pleasant unfortunately.


Rather an abuse incident which shocked and angered every netizen who watched the video.

For watching the original video and getting to know more information about it, please click on this link.


Fans Reaction:

People have not given very kind reviews to thie video as it has minor s€x and some people found it very sadistic and inappropriate. And there comments are reflecting it.

@emmadgaff wrote on twitter,” just saw desiree montoya leaked’s vids, I’m flabbergasted

One user wrote,” why am i seeing desiree montoya’s leaked video……….she’s literally a minor….they need to take that video down“.


Another one wrote,” i feel so bad after leaked video”.

Someone wrote,” me when i seen desiree montoya video,”.

Some people use social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit to spread false information and spam among the people.

Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube have been working flawlessly to overcome this major issue and now they have many authenticity algorithms to test the credibility of news.

However, smartness isn’t just limited to the tech giants, hackers have become educated to the same extent so it’s a nonstop battle.

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