UK health security agency confirmed this weekend that they are monitoring a new Covid strain which is a combination of lethal Delta and infectious Omicron Variant. News of a ‘super variant’ or dubbed ‘Deltacron’ spread rapidly last week, but researchers say it never existed and the sequences might have resulted from contamination.

Deltacron is thought to be a combination of Deadly Delta and contagious Omicron variants.

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What is Deltacron?

Speaking on Deltacron, WHO had said: “it’s possible for an individual to be infected with different variants of COVID”.

While initially a combined mutation of the two variants was dismissed. UK health officials are now looking at the newly discovered strain as a legitimate warning. Experts have stated that the new strain seems to have evolved in patients who caught both Delta and Omicron at the same time. The first few cases of the hybrid strain of the Omicron and Delta variants of COVID have been reported from the United Kingdom. The UK Health Security Agency, however, said they are yet not worried about it as the cases are low. From its symptoms to infectivity, here is all that you need to know about Deltacron. It is not clear if Deltacron was imported or originated in Britain.

Symptoms of Deltacron:

UKHSA officials don’t know how infectious or severe the newly evolved virus is. What are its symptoms or how much it will impact vaccine performance. According to infectious disease expert professor Paul Hunter:

“UK has huge level of immunity against original Delta and Omicron strains. If both Delta and Omicron are falling then, in theory, this [variant] should struggle to take off”.

Recombinant variants are rare but have occurred three times before in the Covid pandemic – infecting hundreds of people. Earlier, experts said: an apparent hybrid Covid-19 mutation which is reported as “dubed Deltacron” reportedly discovered in a Cyprus lab. It is most likely the result of lab contamination and not a new worrying variant.

“Let’s not use words like Deltacron. Please,” WHO’s Maria Van Kerkhove had tweeted last month. “These words imply combination of viruses/variants and this is not happening.

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