A new viral video has been making headlines on Twitter and other social media platforms. This time it’s not something pleasant unfortunately. Rather an abuse incident which shocked and angered every netizen who watched the video.

The video came out from a famous TikToker Daddy Aiolo Gato and it’s regarding animal abuse. For watching the original video and getting to know more information about it, please keep reading the article.

Who is Daddy Aiolo on Twitter?

Daddy Aiolo is a famous TikToker and a health and fitness enthusiast. He is reported to be a health club lover. He has a lot of followers on TikTok and they are estimated to be around 1.7 million. Right now he is engaged on gaining an anime physique.

However, this newly made Twitter account of his feels fishy. He recently came on Twitter with his profile name Daddyaioligato. However, the account seems suspicious as it only has 188 followers and follows no one itself right now. He has 11 tweets on his profile so far.

The profile was probably created by a fan and is not run by Daddy Aiolo. However the purpose of the fan account is to share Daddy Aiolo videos.

Daddy aiolo gato viral twitter video:

However, Daddy Aiolo’s name and the newly made Twitter account by his name is going viral at the moment. People are searching for a viral video onon Daddyaioligato Twitter.

Many have already watched the video and now are further sharing it with their friends. While others are still ganging up on his profile to watch it and give their opinion.

Daddy aiolo gato viral twitter video explained:

In the profile’s newly shared viral video, a person can be seen abusing a cat.

He first catches a beautiful adorable cat from it’s neck and lifts it. Then he can be seen choking and groping it. After that he even throws some punches at the cat and then again lifts it by it’s neck and kicks it away.

After that the victim cat slides inside a table to escape from further abuse.

Audience reaction:

People as expected, have not taken the new video too kindly.

Netizens are bashing and criticizing the video badly. People have taken to social media to take out their frustration after watching the heart wrenching animal abuse video. People are posting bashing comments constantly and asking the Twitter to take the video down.

Some have even asked to rescue the poor cat from hideous monster of a man while others are asking to arrest and take action against the abuser.

Final Word:

So far, we haven’t heard anything from Daddy Aiolo about the viral video which came on to the scene by a Twitter account ran by his name.

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