Another video is going viral on social media today. Lots of people around the world are searching for this video. We will provide you complete information about this video.

We will tell you who’s this chipata and why Chipata Golf video is going viral on social media, Twitter and Reddit.

Chipata Golf Video:

A video in which Chipata man is attacking a defenseless woman while a group of people praising him has turned into a web sensation.

The biggest helplessness is that when the man was attacking the woman, the man standing nearby was supporting the man instead of helping the woman.

Also, the Eastern Province Police Commanding Officer Davis Samwanza confirmed the incident and said that basic tests had proved that the attack had taken place 14 days earlier.

According to witnesses who witnessed the incident, the man had paid her for s*x the night before, but they ended up drinking the entire evening.

What happened at Chipata Golf Course?

As soon as the viral video went viral and reached the police department so on this Davis Simwanza the Eastern Province Police Commanding Officer said that they are investigating the entire scenario and the case is not a new one because it has happened already before 14 days, however, the video started getting viral on social media now but it is an old clip.

Well, no doubt that you must be thinking that why the lady got assaulted or beaten up by the Chipata man at the Golf course so as per the sources it came to know that the man who is beating the lady, paid the lady for intimation for the night, however, statements are saying that they all were drinking entire night.

Therefore, the man did not have intimacy with the Chipata lady and in the morning when they all came back in their senses, the man got to know that he paid that lady for mating but then the lady said that he paid for the night and she was there with them for performing her job, but as the night has passed so she can’t do it now.

However, it made them angry and as a result, the man and that bunch of people started beating the lady.

Twitter user’s called the Chipata Golf video embarrassing:

We do not know more than that, we will definitely let you know as soon as we get some information about it.

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