A bridesmaid’s speech at her friend’s wedding is the latest viral sensation on TikTok which attracted a lot of attention in recent days.

The groom’s sister and TikTok user @browneyed_beautee uploaded the video on her profile which has gained 9.5 million views so far.

The bridesmaid began her speech by explaining that she had known the bride for nine years. She then said: “I don’t quite know Anthony [the groom] that well, but Tracy talks about you non-stop. You guys are so cute together.”

The speech was going well as the bridesmaid said: “You better take care of my girl because if you don’t, I know where you live” and sparked awkward laughs from the crowd.

“I’m not gonna be racist, guys, I’m just saying!” she continued. “You guys are outstepping the stereotype and I love it.”

The bridesmaid certainly attracted a lot of attention after her wedding speech went viral.


One TikTok user commented under the video above:

“But what kind of a person even has a friend like this? Now I’m questioning the bride. And because I question the bride, I question the groom too.”

Someone else wrote in the comments: “This went way worse than I thought it ever could have.”

Another viewer tweeted: Don’t have an open mic at a wedding. Just don’t.”

Another Twitter user reacted: “I just saw this on TikTok and I had to take embarrassment breaks. It’s horrible.”

Someone else added:I thought she was gonna get up there and sing.”

Despite garnering a lot of awkward reactions among social media users, the groom’s sister said that the wedding went ‘great’.

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