Seven college students died and four were injured during a tragic incident in Public University of El Alto Bolivia when a railing collapsed, sending them falling from a fourth-floor balcony.

Seven university students were killed and four injured in a tragic incident in Bolivia when a railing collapsed, causing them to fall from a fourth-floor balcony.

Wild video of Tuesday’s incident showed a large crowd of students at El Alto Public University huddled on balconies before the railings gave way. The tragedy happened in the university’s Financial Sciences building when students tried to enter the lecture hall for a rally.

Footage obtained by The Sun also shows a young woman pushing another woman near the railing before it collapses.

Bolivia’s police chief Johnny Aguilera Montesinos said Wednesday that the woman, who was seen during the fight, will be questioned as part of the investigation, local media reported.Montesinos also blamed “multiple trauma” for the victim’s death.

Twitter users Reaction:

One person wrote on twitter, ” how did i not hear about the bolivia college incident, one of the saddest things i have seen a while”.

According to source

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