There was a scary moment during a Tag Match between the teams of Kofi Kingston and Big E and Sheamus and Ridge Holland, and it ended up with Big E being stretchered out from the ring.

During the match, Holland went for a Belly to Belly Suplex and picked up Big E, but something happened in the execution of that move and instead of Big E landing on his back he landed right on his head, and this was also on the floor outside of the ring and not on the mat, increasing the danger.

A video from the arena shows Big E being stretchered out and putting his thumb up to show he’s okay, but it’s still incredibly scary, and we wish him a speedy recovery and return.

Big E released Video after incident:

After the match, fans expressed their concern for Big E on social media, with the wrestler then posting a video where he gave an update on his condition and confirmed he had suffered a broken neck.

 Big E later released a video from what appears to be a hospital bed. Wearing a neck brace, he said in the video that he broke his neck in the accident, but is still able to move his fingers in his hand (which he demonstrated). He appeared to be in good spirits.

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