Social media is a breeding house of all sorts of controversies, scandals and similar issues. They mostly involve famous celebrities.

Since the invention of internet and social media websites like Reddit, Twitter and Facebook, everyone has got a platform to share thoughts and information with public.

Before when we only had TV, electronic media was the only source of information and they only used to show legal information.

But now since social media is accessible by every person in the street, it comes with both pros and cons. While it gives people a voice, it also enables people to share inappropriate and flagged content with public or private videos of people.

This is the reason now a days we see a new controversy of different celebrities everyday. While some celebrities do it on purpose in order to get overnight fame, others are genuine victims too.

Yung Gravy Leaked Video:

This time a new celebrity named Yung Gravy is in the headlines for his le@ked private video on Twitter. Yung Gravy is an American rapper from Minnesota. The 26 year old was born in 199y and got his fame mainly from his hit song “Mr Clean” on SoundCloud.

Yung Gravy is quite famous among public and rap fans and he is generally known as a musician. However, his name is going viral this time around for a different purpose.

And not so good we’re afraid. A guy named @Bartholomew 0794 has le@ked his very private, and we mean extremely private video on Twitter.

Yung Gravy can be seen consum!ng the body of a female passionately in his new le@ked video. He is b@nging her hard and him inserting his axe in the h0le of the girl is literally clear as day. They both also look into the camera at one point and smile.

Who is Bartholomew 0794 on Twitter?

The man behind the new le@ked s€x t@pe of Yung Gravy is quite unknown on social media, atleast he was before he le@ked this video of Yung Gravy.

The account was made in 2020 and all of a sudden after he posted this video, he has gained a boost in number of followers.

People are rushing to watch the Bartholomew 0794 twitter video and those who have alreadt watched it are sharing it with others.

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