We hardly see a day passing by without seeing any online controversy nowadays. Everyday there is some new scandal about a celebrity or a famous personality. S€x tap€s are one of the main types of these sc@ndals.

And it seems that even the most popular celebrities, actors and singers aren’t able to avoid them anymore.

Who is Bartholomew 0794 on Twitter?

The man behind the new le@ked s€x t@pe of Yung Gravy is quite unknown on social media, atleast he was before he le@ked this video of Yung Gravy.

The account was made only a few weeks ago and all of a sudden after he posted this video, he has gained a boost in number of followers.

People are rushing to watch the Bartholomew 0794 twitter video and those who have already watched it are sharing it with others.

According to reports, the man behind @Bartholomew0794 used to share NSWF related content on his Twitter.

The keyword Bartholomew0794 is trending right now on the internet and search engines. There are many people who are still heading up to the profile @Bartholomew0794 on Twitter.

The profile @Bartholomew0794 is in limelight right now for the le@ked s€x t@pe of Yung Gravy.

The Twitter profile @Bartholomew0794 wasn’t too famous before the le@ked video. This can be judged by the fact that he still has only over 800 followers on Twitter.

However, he has gained over 6.5k likes, over 600 responses and around 951 shares on the Yung Gravy leaked video. It is expected that his followers will only increase with time.

So far the person behind @Bartholomew0794 has not revealed his identity. But he is expected to come forward soon in order to tell people who he was and how he got the leaked video of Yung Gravy.

Yung Gravy Leaked Video:

This time a new celebrity named Yung Gravy is in the headlines for his le@ked private video on Twitter. Yung Gravy is an American rapper from Minnesota.

The 26 year old was born in 199y and got his fame mainly from his hit song “Mr Clean” on SoundCloud.

Yung Gravy is quite famous among public and rap fans and he is generally known as a musician. However, his name is going viral this time around for a different purpose. And not so good we’re afraid.

A guy named @Bartholomew 0794 has leaked his very private, and we mean extremely private video on Twitter.

Yung Gravy can be seen making out with a white girl in his new leaked viral video. He can be seen bl0wing her away from behind in his new leaked video.

The video has gone viral on social media and netizens can’t help but talk about it.

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