What Happened At The Atlas vs Queretaro Game?

A large brawl broke at the Estadio Corregidora, resulting in scenes of tremendous violence.

On Saturday, the Liga MX match between Queretaro and Atlas was called off due to a violent altercation involving dozens of fans at the Estadio Corregidora.

Fans clashed in the stands and on the field, with some allegedly using weapons to inflict harm.

As violence erupted around the stadium, the game was called off midway through the second half.

Several photographs and videos were uploaded on social media displaying gruesome scenes. Watch video on Twitter

Liga MX confirmed that several supporters had been sent to the hospital.

FIFA issued a statement saying it was “shocked” by the unfortunate occurrence during the match between Querétaro and Atlas at the La Corregidora stadium in Querétaro.

“Violent acts in the La Corregidora stadium are wrong and intolerable,” it stated.

Furthermore, FIFA criticized the event and urged local authorities to “seek fast justice for those responsible.”

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