A new tragic video has just come on the scene which is getting a lot of attention from internet. That of a 40-year old man named Antonio Andriani who lost his life on the occasion his own birthday party due to an incident.

 Humans look for opportunities to enjoy with their friends and family, it’s a common nature feeling but where there is thrill, sometimes danger also slides in quietly and we don’t even notice. As a result accidents happen and people are left with sometimes unrecoverable losses which are hard to overcome.  

Antonio Andriani, man who died in a well on his birthday party:A similar incident took place in Erice which is a town in the province of Trapani. A 40-year old man Antonia Andriani was celebrating his fortieth birthday party in what appears to be a very joyful ceremony. The place was filled up with guests who were constantly cheering and pushing the soon to be deceased birthday boy  to dance and enjoy. There is a party music running in the background and overall it seems like a happy moment.

 However, Antonio fell into the moment and forgot he was stepping on dangerous grounds. He started to party and dance on what appears to be an artesian well which was covered. Everything was going smooth up until all of a sudden the seal of the well popped and Antonio fell inside the well in a split second. This incident shocked everyone who was present on the scene and in the original video we can clearly hear the cheers turning into worried screams.  Nobody was expecting it and they never saw it coming. Who could’ve thought that their party moments are going to turn into a tragedy testimony?

 Somebody was however recording this birthday party and managed to get the real time scene on camera. The images which are released are kind of blurry and not clear but it seems from the photos that Antonio in his last desperate attempt tried to get his hand out and the people near tried everything in their power to save him but all in vein.  The rescuers arrived on the sport and after the efficient efforts of expert divers and rescuers inside the 25m depths of well, the birthday boy’s body was finally recovered from the artesian well. However, by that moment his soul had already passed. The fall proved to be fatal and took his life instantly. However, his body has been sent to Marsala morgue for autopsy to reveal further details.  Who was Antonio Andriani? Antonio was a famous person in his area and was known for his entertainment skills among the locals. He participated in music festivals and similar parties. Reports say that he had recently rented a villa and had planned to celebrate his fortieth birthday there.  Follow our website for further updates. We’ll share as soon as we receive them.

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