A video of a mother, Annie Donovan, making her 11-month-old baby try vape is being widely circulated on the internet, and has left netizens enraged.

The video was shared on Facebook by Donovan, where she can be seen bringing the vape pen to the baby’s mouth.

The infant inhales from it before coughing and exhaling the smoke as Annie Donovan is heard laughing and saying “It’s so funny.”

As the video made its way online, social media users who saw it were left furious and wondering why any mother would think such an act was okay. Others were grateful that the video was reported and called Annie Donovan a “disgusting feral thing.”

Netizens enraged over Annie Donovan’s video of giving infant vape:

As soon as they saw the video, netizens expressed their anger about it and reported the video on Facebook, where it was originally shared. As they condemned Annie Donovan’s actions, some users called her “disgusting” and said that the baby deserves better.

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