Yet another ch!ld abuse case has emerged after our society once again fails to be civilized in 21st century.

Child @buse cases have been growing at alarming rates all over the globe and authorities despite taking many measures are unable to eradicate this evil from the world totally.

Today we have another similar case to discuss. So let’s begi

Amber Rae Video:

A video clip got viral on social media and Facebook after a women was seen mercilessly assaulting a helpless child by her full force.

The culprit in the video is recognized as Amber Rai Mcelravy, and we will also share the screenshot of her Facebook account below.

Amber Rae Video Explained:

In thid clip, a 27-year old woman named Amber Tar Mcelravy is brutally beating her child. She is beating her child with a belt very harshly and later also throws him around the room.

Why she did that still remains a mystery. Either she was taking out her frustration on a child and is just sadistic or maybe she is having some isssues with her psychological order.

Nevertheless, this action is disgusting to say the least and not justifed in any case.

Police Arrests Amber Rae:

Responding to the online reports, the authorities have taken Amber in their custody.

I was aware of Facebook and the rumors on Facebook and I believe the sheriff’s department and we were aware of it through Facebook and we responded and assured the child safety. ” said Trumbull County Children’s Services representator Tim Schaffner.

Amber was arrested on Tuesday. The victim child is now at Trumbull County Children’s Services center doing just fine.

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