This Saturday, ‘Fiesta‘ brought to light some videos in which we could see Alba Carrillo and Jorge Pérez in a more than affectionate attitude during the Christmas party of ‘Unicorn‘, the producer of the program.

Initially, the winner of ‘Survivors‘ denied the alleged kiss between the two. However, the space hosted by Emma García showed a video in which they could be seen k!ssing.


Up to 21 videos reached the ‘Fiesta‘ newsroom in which Alba Carrillo and Jorge Pérez can be seen in a more than affectionate attitude.

In those images in question, we can see the two collaborators dancing, hugging and joining their faces in a complicit way.


Although the winner of ‘Survivors‘ insisted that they had not kissed, the truth is that the images shown by the program show the stolen kiss between the two.

Of course, Emma García insists that even if it was not passionate, they are “peaks”.


Jorge Pérez assured that his wife “has not liked” all the commotion that has arisen around the party and affirmed that he did not kiss Alba, no matter how much the videos show it.

“I was wrong and I have to accept it,” he said before leaving the set in tears when he realized the family consequences he will have to face after this controversy.

Everything has jumped when it has been known that the couple was recorded on several occasions by their companions who immortalized the night.


“I was aware that they were recording me, I have worked a lot to know when it is done as it is recorded elsewhere and they are recording you,” Jorge Pérez clarified, who was present on the program yesterday.

“We have made a mistake,” she assured the next day in ‘Fiesta‘.

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