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Gusti Ayu Dewanti exciting video aka Dea OnlyFans is still being hunted by netizens through Twitter.

The video link of Dea OnlyFans or Twitter’s Dea OnlyFans viral video was hunted by netizens after Dea was arrested by the Polda Metro Jaya.

After the arrest, dozens of exciting video links belonging to Dea OnlyFans were finally spread and posted on social media via Twitter.

The video that was widely circulated was known to have been intentionally shared by one of the Fake accounts on Twitter on behalf of Dea OnlyFans.

Monitoring halloternate, the account in the name of @deaa_onlyfans was seen posting eight exciting video links belonging to dea, Saturday, April 9, 2022.

“Free links and new videos,” wrote the @deaa_onlyfans account.

The posting of the exciting video link belongs to Dea OnlyFans, not a few Twitter users who participated in retweeting or sharing the exciting video link on their respective Twitter accounts.

Previously, the exciting video belonging to Dea OnlyFans which lasted 1 minute 26 seconds was also shared by one of the Twitter accounts.

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